Alfred Depew




Conflict Resolution

Leadership Development

Relationship Systems Intelligence

Change Management

Leveraging Diversity

Team Sustainability


Organizations are in flux. Always. No matter where they are in their life cycle: expanding, contracting, or creating themselves anew. And it seems that the only thing more stressful than change is resisting change.

And yet we also want stability. We want equilibrium. And to be sure, we attain them—for moments that pass all too quickly. Our scientific understanding of the world has expanded to include chaos theory and strange attractors, and yet we want our institutions to behave as if they were well-oiled machines. I help organizations to manage change: to create the ground conditions necessary for successful change to occur, to listen to what’s trying to happen, and to sense what an organization—through the voices of its members—really needs and what its next steps are.

Using tools developed by the Center for Right Relationship, I train leaders and their organizations to become aware of themselves, stay aware of themselves, and to act upon that awareness with more depth, resonance and sense of choice. So that organizations lose that corrosive sense of defeat and default and can find ways of re-energizing and re-inspiring themselves in relation to the work that they have set out to do.