Alfred Depew




As your coach, I provide the support you need to deepen your life and move it forward. I hold a space in which you can be fully who you are and take action on your life-long dreams. I offer you an opportunity to co-create partnership. I challenge you and call you forth as a leader. I invite you to discover and articulate what’s most important to you, set goals that honor your values, and give you the encouragement you need to follow through and get results. As your coach, I hold you accountable to your vision and aspirations

The coaching relationship will help you to:

  • be a more inspired and incisive leader
  • articulate your life’s purpose
  • set and reach long-term and short-term goals
  • clarify your values
  • improve working and personal relationships
  • have a balanced life as you move toward greater fulfillment


Relationship is the key to co-active coaching. Together we design a partnership that is big enough for all your possibilities. You will choose four or five areas in your life that you want to deepen or move forward, and we set about discovering exactly where you want to go next and who you need to be to get there.I ask for a three-month initial commitment to coaching, which includes two to three phone sessions per month and a two-hour assessment, also on the phone, before we begin. Some people hire me for a year. Some complete what they set out to do in three months. Most people work with me between six and nine months, depending on what it is they want to accomplish.