Alfred Depew




     Couples hire me to coach them because they want more intimacy, more harmony, and better communication. So often, it comes down to time—time together, time away from the kids and computers, time to breathe and think and feel together, enough time to actually think about where they are going as a couple and why. Any coaching plan we come up with includes making time together a priority and becoming more strategic about when to have difficult conversations and when to clear time to do things together they enjoy.


     It’s a process, not a quick fix. A process of becoming aware of the relationship itself and what it wants more of. A process of becoming more intentional about what each partner puts into the space between them. A process of taking responsibility for co-creating more positive interactions and decreasing negativity in conflict.


     Drawing from the work of Center for Right Relationship, John Gottman, and Harvel Hendrix, I train couples in skills and tools that include designing their partnership alliance, non-toxic communication, and alignment.



The process

  • A Free Assessment—a session in which a couple talks about its strengths and challenges, and I describe what coaching is and isn’t.
  • A two-hour Intake or Discovery Session, during which we determine the areas of focus of the coaching, the couple’s desired outcomes, and together create a coaching plan.
  • Eight sessions over the course of four months that addresses each point of the coaching plan with specific tools and skills.
  • Closure and pointing forward … Determining next steps and a review of the skills and tools now available to the couple.