Alfred Depew


Corporate Teams


Before you can set a course for team improvement you need to know where you are on the map. Stellar Team Diagnostic provides a detailed profile of where the team is today … and specific direction for course improvement.


Bottom line:

Research shows that long term, the best performing teams show high scores in both productivity factors and positivity factors.


Stellar Team Diagnostic - The Advantages

  • Evaluates the Team not individuals
  • This completely confidential assessment addresses strengths and weaknesses of the team as a whole; other assessments typically evaluate individuals.
  • Clear direction for Team improvement
  • The Team Diagnostic measures 7 separate factors for Team Productivity and 7 for Positivity
  • Easy to implement and cost effective
  • Team members access the questionnaire on-line from their computer; no time consuming individual interviews; essential data that profiles the Team is quickly gathered.


The Result:

An accurate and measurable profile of the team

A comprehensive, easy to understand report that clearly points out next steps