Alfred Depew
A year in therapy helped me understand my past; a year of coaching helped me gain control of my present and future. Alfred is a strong, sensitive, and insightful coach, and working with him was a life-changing experience.
M. Cook, Author & Publisher, Washington State


I’ve never experienced questions which led to such meaty discoveries, so quickly. Alfred held a balance between keeping on task, and the emotional part of the process. That’s a gift.
K. Roberts, Educational Trainer, Maine


Alfred is a resourceful, emotionally intelligent, ripe dynamo.
B. Foley, Emergency Room Physician, Connecticut


“I have techniques and skills that help me move more fluidly through life with grace and humor. I am more courageous and self aware as a result. I would recommend coaching with Alfred DePew to anyone who is committed to creating a life that is full, curious, passionate, and well lived.”
D. Karabinus, Artist, Dancer, Maine