Alfred Depew
about alfred depew  

stack-of-booksMy experiences as a bookseller, theater press agent, social worker, and advertising copywriter have given me a wide range of skills and perspectives I draw upon when working with coaching clients from all walks of life. As a working writer for the past 25 years, I bring to my coaching a point of view that is grounded in creative process, intuition, and the follow-through necessary to reach completion.


I’ve taught in France, Spain, England, Estonia, and Russia, as well as at the universities of Vermont, New Hampshire, the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, and the Maine College of Art.


Since 1995, I have led writing, creativity and leadership workshops throughout the State of Maine and across the U.S.


My first book won a Flannery O’Connor Award, and I’ve since completed a second collection of short fiction and a handbook for journal keepers, both of which are available by contacting me.